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Thanks for the memories!

My wife and I are trying to help you get to 500 reviews. We have found ourselves reminiscing about many of your adventures in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and South Dakota. We consider ourselves a little of center because instead of visiting these states we just move there. We have done so many of the hikes and been to almost every destination you have been to from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border of the Rocky Mountains. We have lived many years in the Black Hills and will always cherish our time there. We love and share your enthusiasm with our beautiful parks and wish, kind of, more people would see the beauty this country has to offer. Honestly I don’t want more people I just want it for those of us who truly are in awe of the magnificence. We enjoy the podcast and the books and look forward to hearing and reading more in the future.


My husband and I enjoy listening to your podcasts. They are always informative along with being a little comedic. It’s so fun to listen to your adventures and we can’t wait to explore some of the great places you have mentioned.

These two are the best!

This is an uplifting podcast that makes me want to head out on an adventure! They give great details and insight but they are just fun and a joy to listen to!

LISTEN to this podcast

I started with the most recent episode “scenic drives through public lands”. Within the first 5 minutes I decided I love these two & they are the type of people you totally wanna run into in a park or anywhere really, & strike up a convo! I’m a nature junkie myself and have worked in various National parks and have driven almost all of those roads. They provide amazing insight to visiting these locations. I am so excited to catch up on all the episodes and am looking forward to new ones!

Love Listening

I love listening to Matt and Karen. Their stories bring my favorite places on earth into my living room. They inspire me to get out and explore natural places. Funny and witty - so entertaining!

Love Dear Bob and Sue!

My husband and I love listening to Matt and Karen on our road trips to and from exploring the parks! They make us laugh out loud with their banter. We also say, “What did Matt and Karen do when they were in this park?” Their books and podcasts are not only educational but extremely entertaining.

Funny and informative!

This podcast contains lots of good information about National Parks and other places they have visited. But the relationship between them makes it fun to listen to while you’re learning. I often find myself laughing out loud while listening 😃

Living vicariously these days

Just finished binge listening to the latest 4 episodes - all places I’ve never been. So entertaining! Covid-19 (though no one at our house has had it) has affected my life in so many ways! Your books and now the podcasts are great reminders of how many places there are in this country to explore. Making a list of places to go as soon as I am set free! Listening to the two of you laugh so much brings a smile to my face every time! Thanks

Love this podcast!

My husband and I absolutely love Matt and Karen’s books and this podcast! They are so funny, and we love hearing about all of their adventures!

Love these podcasts!

Thank you, Matt and Karen! I absolutely love your podcasts and am always anxious to hear the next one. I listen to your podcasts almost daily, repeating them time after time. I get really excited on a Wednesday knowing that the following day there will be a new one. I never tire of hearing your stories and “misadventures!” I’ve traveled National Parks all my life, both growing up and now with my husband. I am anxious for the day when we are back to normal again and can visit the parks I haven’t been to - or parts of parks I’ve missed. Thank you! I’m looking forward to Season 4! ❤️


This has to be my favorite Podcast that I have come across. It’s like listening to friends tell about their adventures. Love their books as well! So fun to listen to and enjoy!

Listening makes my day!!-Dawn from WI!!

This review may seem silly to you but it’s the truth. I drive in between stops for work to stores and there are days I can’t wait to get out to my car to listen to your podcast on a Thursday. That day of the week is my longest work day. Work can be so stressful and listening to you as I’m driving makes my day so much better. I even sit in my car and wait till the end because I don’t want to get out till it’s done even if I’m sitting in the garage. And waiting out those days in between podcasts is so hard. THANK YOU for all your stories and insights on places to go. Can’t wait for the next one!! Keep them going!

Great way to spend some time with cool people.

Matt and Karen are the perfect story telling team. His wit and her infectious laughter is the comfort podcast you are looking for. Even if you are not an outdoorsy type, you’ll enjoy the way they describe their adventures in the great parks of the US.

Thank you!

I have learned so much from your podcast. Thank you!! So informative!!

So much fun!!

Fell in love with Matt & Karen Smith after reading all 3 Dear Bob & Sue books. Their podcast is even MORE fun! Hearing their banter And laughing with them is such a fun experience! Our favorite podcast by far! Add it to your library, you will not be disappointed!!

The Wave!

Love the story about meeting strangers at the Wave what a great adventure! 🥰

My favorite podcast!!

After reading and loving Dear Bob and Sue, I was so excited Matt and Karen decided to start a podcast. I laugh out loud (literally) during every episode. Karen’s laugh is infectious and the detailed information they provide about each of their adventures is priceless. I so look forward to every episode. Thank you Matt and Karen!


So informative and funny!

Exceptional National Park Authentic Stories

Matt & Karen Smith’s, Dear Bob and Sue podcasts make me feel like I’m right behind them hiking a trail. Adventure, humor and fun! Thank you.

Fun Stuff

These two make me laugh and inspire my own adventures. Lots of great info on parks, hikes, trails etc. Hope to meet you on a trail some day!

Best travel companions ever!

We found ‘Dear Bob & Sue’ this summer while traveling & visiting several National Parks mentioned in the podcast. We love traveling, camping, hiking, kayaking, and drinking local beers & wines, so felt an immediate affinity with Matt & Karen. We always are eager to hear about new-to-us national parks, national monuments, state parks, etc....and I found myself making a list of places we need to visit as we listened. I am now also reading their books, and I am finding them incredibly entertaining (several times I am literally laughing out loud) and again, adding to my ever-growing list of ‘places to visit.’ Good job, and happy adventuring!

I love the park talk

There books are great, their websites are great, their Instagram feed is great, and their podcast is great.

Bob and Karen are my new best friends.

I so enjoy listening to the adventures of Bob and Karen in the National Parks. They remind me of my husband and me when we travel.

Great National Parks podcast! - 5 stars

Such a fun and informative podcast! Matt & Karen provide a lot of helpful info and tips about their park adventures and a lot of fun stories as well! Their energy and enthusiasm about the NPs and public lands really comes through and makes me look forward to each next episode!

Highly enjoyable

As a NP lover, this podcast is informative while being super entertaining. I enjoy all of the tips and stories from the parks!

Thoroughly Entertaining

I have read all the Bob and Sue books, so it was a given we’d try the podcasts. My husband and I love them, great entertainment as we travel. We also are visiting National Parks and can identify with them. Love the banter between Matt and Karen. Highly recommend listening to their podcasts.

Informative and Entertaining

I enjoy listening to Matt and Karen (aka Butta) as they share their adventures in the National Parks. Their banter is so much fun and their stories and descriptions of the places they have visited are informative and entertaining. While I may not be able to follow in all of their footsteps, the information they share helps me to decide which parks and parts of the Country I would like to visit.

Like Talking to Friends

I love listening to Matt and Karen while I drive and just when I need some comfort. I laugh out loud at their fun banter and hilarious stories. I have read all of their books, 3 in the past 6 months, and I hope they keep writing books and making podcast episodes. Thank you for bringing us along on your adventures!

Love Dear Bob and Sue Podcast!!

I look forward to each episode release of this podcast! Funny, informative and entertaining just like their books...the hour flies by so quickly! Matt and Karen have a great spousal banter when talking of their adventures. I recommend this podcast this to all my coworkers and friends. Subscribe...you will not be disappointed!

Fun and Entertaining

My husband and I had to make an hour twice a day journey last week. It was a long, boring trip in the desert until we discovered these podcasts. They were so fun and entertaining, it made the hours fly by!! (We’ve been to some of these same places in the past so it was especially enjoyable!) Thank you, Matt and Karen, for sharing your adventures and misadventures with us!