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One of my favorite podcasts!

I get excited every time I see a new episode is available. These two are such fun storytellers, and they remind me why I love our national parks and lands so much.

Dear Matt, Karen, Bob and Sue

I absolutely love your podcasts as well as your books. I find myself laughing along with you. Your descriptions make me feel like I’m there with you in your adventures. My parents took my siblings and I on several trips through the years to visit many of the national parks - Yellowstone, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Smokey Mountains and Crater Lake to name a few. Each one different and special in its own unique way. Just finished listening to Dories, Ho-Part 1 and I am writing my very first podcast review to help you reach your 500 review goal. Merry Christmas and thanks for entertaining us.

Almost 500!

Dear Karen - here’s hoping your wish for 500 reviews by Christmas is delivered. And to you and Matt, thank you - the podcasts have made this year of diminished travel more bearable (no pun intended). I eagerly look forward to new episodes and often replay them while driving. Y’all make great traveling companions! Hopefully 2021 will find all of us on the road visiting the national parks of our dreams. Happy hiking!

Love it!

I’m so glad I discovered your podcasts!! I enjoy hearing about your adventures and love the side stories you tell. Listening to your podcasts are like sitting around with friends swapping stories. Since traveling isn’t encouraged right now, or getting together with friends you two and your podcasts are the next best thing!Your books are on my Christmas list. Hint, hint Santa. :)

Great podcast!

Love the podcast! Can’t wait to read your books

Dorie Ho Episode

Now I want to do a river trip on the Colorado. I have done the rim to Phantom and hiked back up and loved it. I had a bad white water experience in TN and haven’t done it since. But who knows? Also I love the goodness of the snowplow driver and McDonald’s employees in returning your wallet. People ARE GOOD all over the world I have found in my travels. Love Karen’s giggles.

Dear Bob and Sue

I love love this podcast!! They do an amazing job of educating and entertaining at the same time!! Very inspirational 😍

Love the travel stories!

I love the podcast and the Dear Bob and Sue books! My fiance and I are 29 and we love traveling to national parks and it’s so fun to hear about all the cool places in the US!

Very informative

And entertaining! You two are the best.

Dear Matt and Karen…

After reading or listening to your four books, I’ve now discovered your podcasts. Thanks for being genuine people who share your love of the great outdoors. (Clearly, selling several million books hasn’t gone to your heads.) I appreciate the fun and facts in each episode and look forward to using your advice when our travel plans resume. When I run, walk, or bike I listen to a podcast or two nearly every day. That means I’ll be running out very soon — so I’m hoping you’ll be able to crank out a lot more episodes this winter. Thanks for your good work — this is one of the best podcasts about our National Parks and public lands.

My favorite podcast

Love the podcast and love all the books! The stories are filled with humor and awesome info about the parks. My bucket list gets longer every time I listen to a new episode. Please don’t ever stop exploring and sharing it with us.

The BEST Podcast!

By far one of my favorite podcasts! Love hearing all about Matt and Karen’s adventures. The tips they provide are awesome and it makes me want to plan more trips to explore our great nation! Their wit and humor make this podcast fun and entertaining. Karen’s laugh is contagious and the fun banter between the two of them makes this podcast that much better! I hope I get to meet them someday while I’m exploring with my friends and family. Would even love to add their passport stamp to my book! 😀

So entertaining and informative.

I love this podcast and the books that they support. We have gleaned a lot of info from Matt and Karen. Thanks for all of the fun stories.

Love your podcasts!

October. 2020I knew I was going to have an hour commute to school this year, so I saved these podcasts for the drives. I started back this week, and your chats make that hour fly by. I especially love hearing about your adventures in places I’ve also been to. You make me want to go back and back and back again. PS- There are lots and lots of free range bison in Alaska that can be seen if you drive the AlCan Highway. PS. 11/20 I still love traveling vicariously with you two. Both of my knees are now artificial, so I think my backpacking days are behind me. I still love day hiking, and you inspire to get out and see more. Oh- and my hour+ commute takes me right by the National Bison Range in Moiese, MT. I think of you two every time the bison are hanging out on the west side.

Thank you Matt and Karen!

Five stars does not seem like enough. My husband and I have been fans of your books since I saw the first one advertised on Facebook. Your podcast is even better. I love your descriptions of our public lands and all your experiences on the trails. We laugh with you, and sit on the edge of our chairs at your adventures. Oh, sometimes we even have a beer with you. You are one of the brightest lights for us in this year of COVID. You are awesome.

Dear Bob and Sue

I love your podcasts, Matt and Karen! You seem to have so much fun on all of your adventures! Thank you for the bonus episode - my Christmas list just got longer 😊

Lighthearted and informative

I’ve listened to the podcasts with my son and laughed along with Matt and Karen. There adventures have inspired us to explore some of the parks in Utah as well as get out and explore more in our home state of Washington. Matt and Karen are like good friends you’ve never met. Please keep taking us along on your next adventures!

Life Goals

I love the stories of all their adventures. They inspire me to get outdoors and explore. They are funny and informative too. I can related to the husband wife challenges on road trips. Have added many places to my bucket list based on some of the adventures! They are my life goals for me and my husband!


We enjoy listening to your podcast episodes as we travel with our RV. We have so more to see. Thanks for all your helpful tips in the Parks. The USA is beautiful ! Mike n Loretta J

Fun to compare notes

I enjoy listening to this podcast and comparing notes to my family’s National park trips. I hope the podcast inspires people to get off the beaten path and explore the corners more.

Thanks for the memories!

My wife and I are trying to help you get to 500 reviews. We have found ourselves reminiscing about many of your adventures in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and South Dakota. We consider ourselves a little of center because instead of visiting these states we just move there. We have done so many of the hikes and been to almost every destination you have been to from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border of the Rocky Mountains. We have lived many years in the Black Hills and will always cherish our time there. We love and share your enthusiasm with our beautiful parks and wish, kind of, more people would see the beauty this country has to offer. Honestly I don’t want more people I just want it for those of us who truly are in awe of the magnificence. We enjoy the podcast and the books and look forward to hearing and reading more in the future.


My husband and I enjoy listening to your podcasts. They are always informative along with being a little comedic. It’s so fun to listen to your adventures and we can’t wait to explore some of the great places you have mentioned.

These two are the best!

This is an uplifting podcast that makes me want to head out on an adventure! They give great details and insight but they are just fun and a joy to listen to!

LISTEN to this podcast

I started with the most recent episode “scenic drives through public lands”. Within the first 5 minutes I decided I love these two & they are the type of people you totally wanna run into in a park or anywhere really, & strike up a convo! I’m a nature junkie myself and have worked in various National parks and have driven almost all of those roads. They provide amazing insight to visiting these locations. I am so excited to catch up on all the episodes and am looking forward to new ones!

Love Listening

I love listening to Matt and Karen. Their stories bring my favorite places on earth into my living room. They inspire me to get out and explore natural places. Funny and witty - so entertaining!

Love Dear Bob and Sue!

My husband and I love listening to Matt and Karen on our road trips to and from exploring the parks! They make us laugh out loud with their banter. We also say, “What did Matt and Karen do when they were in this park?” Their books and podcasts are not only educational but extremely entertaining.

Funny and informative!

This podcast contains lots of good information about National Parks and other places they have visited. But the relationship between them makes it fun to listen to while you’re learning. I often find myself laughing out loud while listening 😃

Living vicariously these days

Just finished binge listening to the latest 4 episodes - all places I’ve never been. So entertaining! Covid-19 (though no one at our house has had it) has affected my life in so many ways! Your books and now the podcasts are great reminders of how many places there are in this country to explore. Making a list of places to go as soon as I am set free! Listening to the two of you laugh so much brings a smile to my face every time! Thanks

Love this podcast!

My husband and I absolutely love Matt and Karen’s books and this podcast! They are so funny, and we love hearing about all of their adventures!

Love these podcasts!

Thank you, Matt and Karen! I absolutely love your podcasts and am always anxious to hear the next one. I listen to your podcasts almost daily, repeating them time after time. I get really excited on a Wednesday knowing that the following day there will be a new one. I never tire of hearing your stories and “misadventures!” I’ve traveled National Parks all my life, both growing up and now with my husband. I am anxious for the day when we are back to normal again and can visit the parks I haven’t been to - or parts of parks I’ve missed. Thank you! I’m looking forward to Season 4! ❤️