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We Listen When We Hike in Bear Country!

Admittedly, we originally downloaded the Bob and Sue podcast as a guide for our 2020 journey to National Parks in WY, MT, ID, WA and OR. And while they aren’t so much of a guide by a companion for us as we hike through bear country. Matt and Karen’s voices have travelled the back country trails recently in Lamar Valley, Grebe, Wolf, Ice and Cascade Lakes as well as up Observation Peak in Yellowstone. We’d love to bring them into the Saw Tooth Range in Idaho, but we’ve run through Season 1. We are hungry for Season 2!

Love this podcast

I love to listen to Matt and Karen talk about their travels in such a personal, fun, and informative way. I can do relate to them and live vicariously through them. They inspire me to want to get out there and see more of the world!!

Great Podcast!

Love this podcast! Matt and Karen share great stories about their adventures to the National Parks and public lands. I love the husband and wife jokes. It adds personality to the podcast and makes it entertaining.

Well worth listening to - well done.

Matt and Karen are entertaining and informative. I always eagerly anticipate their next podcast. Best of luck with the next Alaska adventure - whenever that may be.

Love this podcast

I love their books and love this podcast! Matt and Karen are hoot.


Just drove back to Texas with my family after visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. I was looking for a new podcast to listen to on the 14+ hour drive home. I was so in awe of the beauty at RMNP and I wanted to find a podcast about national parks just so I could start dreaming up our next adventure. I came across yours and I am hooked! I got through Episode 8 on our drive and I’ve been listening more on my commute to work each day. You guys are awesome...such great info, great stories and I’ve laughed out loud so many times! I’m so glad I came across your podcast! PS...Karen, not sure if anyone else has told you this, but your voice is super calming!

One of my favorite podcasts!

Listening to Matt and Karen recount their adventures in the national parks is a hoot😆 They are naturals at podcasting!

Love love love

Matt and Karen , love your podcast .I too love Carlsbad caverns, I am from Albuquerque New Mexico, Wife and I love traveling to go to different parks and see other things and hikes, I do agree with Matt happy wife happy life:)

Great stories about National Parks!

I love listening to their adventures in the National Parks! It’s very entertaining and authentic. Each episode leaves me wanting to go find a park to explore!

National Parks passport

Listening to Matt talk about splicing his pages to blend them...omg! 😂😂

Just perfect timing

My husband and I have been married 46 years. We started visiting National Parks in our second year of marriage. We have not checked them all off our list yet but we are certainly closer than your average bear. 😀. As our children grew they went along. Now we occasionally take a grand child. It has really been a ‘family thing’ Anyway, like many people we are currently stuck at home and these podcasts have provided us opportunity to ‘travel along’ to many of our favorite places. Thank you so much. We also have the three books. Can’t wait for Season 4.

Dear Bob and Sue Podcast

Thoroughly enjoy the podcasts, as well as the books. During this strange 2020 they have served as an entertaining way to pass the time. Matt and Karen are so real and down to earth to listen to. It seems like they are old friends visiting. I now have a "wish bucket" full of places to visit. I just hope that you will have more books to share your adventures.

Best national park podcast I’ve listened to

Matt and Karen have a fun loving banter as they recap their journeys around the US exploring national parks, monuments, and more. Being an explorer myself I love to hear about their adventures and make notes for future trips. This podcast is a 62/62, I look forward to every episode!

Dear Bob and Sue Podcast Review

Great podcasts! Caught up through episode 12 now - very true to the books, and appreciate John and Lolly joining in. We’re southerners transplanted to the Midwest, but our hearts remain in Colorado from the 3 years we lived there. Can’t wait to explore all the wonderful places Matt and Karen have explored! Love “getting to know” Matt and Karen via the show - great job guys!

Great Couple, Great Podcast

I am a big fan of the Dear Bob & Sue books and now the Podcast. Matt & Karen are fun to listen to as well as full of good info & tips on traveling through our wonderful parks.

Is it Thursday yet?

I can’t wait for these podcasts to drop on Thursdays. For about an hour I get to hang out and laugh and chuckle with what feels like my buddies Matt & Karen.

American Treasures

Just like our National Parks- Matt & Karen are a fun treasure! I have listened to their books and continue to enjoy their stories. They will make you want to get out and hike and see more of our parks. I especially loved the “Bison road trip”! (And Matt- I want the t shirt) I am looking forward to going on my own bison trip. I spent an entire summer in Yellowstone counting baby bison- but never thought about a road trip! Thanks for the great idea!!

Dear Bob & Sue Podcasts

Absolutely Enjoy all Dear Bob & Sue Podcasts as well as the books ! They are so down to earth , comical , and they tell it like it is ! Also they share tips about their journeys which is helpful if you have an interest in visiting their same adventures !

Living the Life

I have read and listened to all you material. Love it! Currently having to live most of the adventures thru y’all. Work holds us back! If we can’t get back out there soon, I will have too much planned and not enough time to enjoy it!

Great podcast!

Loved the books; love the podcast! Matt and Karen have inspired several vacations and several more future vacations for us! Also enjoyed “meeting” the famous John and Lolly in episode 12! (Sort of expected more sass from them though😂)

National Parks Explorations

Entertaining and honest details from their adventures through the parks that give encouragement to future travelers!

Dear Bob & Sue podcast series

Thank you, Karen & Matt for making me smile & laugh with you as you retell your adventures in our National Parks & lands. I look forward to listening to your podcast & always know that I’ll learn something as well as enjoy a good laugh & leave with a smile. My husband & I also love exploring the national parks & because of both of you, our list for “must visit” continues to grow!

Thumbs up

Informative, inspiring, and entertaining. Well worth a listen , for lovers of the outdoors or just for pure enjoyment.

Fun, Sweet and Even Educational!

These podcasts are like sitting around with old friends. Love the stories and the laughs and I even cried when Karen was talking about her sand heart from Matt on Valentines Day, so sweet! I’ve read all 4 books as well, which have inspired me to start my own exploration and the podcast will just add good tips for me on future trips. So much to see and do. Please keep the books and podcasts coming, love the light hearted fun nature of them!

Entertaining advices in National Parks

I’ve read all this couples books and hearing parts of them on a podcast rounds out the experience. Great advice on where to go, time of year, how to make the most of your time and what level effort these sites entail.

My go to podcast for all things National Park!

Take a listen to Matt and Karen. They are funny, endearing and full of good solid tips on how to get the most out of your national park experience. Plus- they don’t just talk about the parks but the towns and other sites around them. It is very enjoyable to listen to - I highly recommend!

Thank you

Just finished listening to your podcast about things to do outside the "big 5" parks of Utah. We enjoyed it very much and realised that we have visited a few and "drove past" others without knowing they were there. We will definitely be adding them to our 'lists'. Thanks again for the wonderful stories of your travels that you both so generously share with so many. Stay safe. Susan and Bob MacDougall. San Diego CA

Great down to earth couple who loves experiencing life in the awesome US parks!

Read all the books, follow Matt & Karen on Instagram and now listen to all their podcasts. The podcasts really bring their adventures to life. Very entertaining and informative podcasts on the popular and hidden gems in the US. It’s great to relive their experiences and stir up the inspiration to go out on our own journeys to see much of the same places! Thanks Matt & Karen for sharing your experiences!

Love it!

I’ve read all the books, but these are so enjoyable to listen it. Lots more details! I “made” my husband listen to the one on Carlsbad Caverns after he said he wanted to go there. I am with Matt, he’s with Karen, on that one! Keep them up! Sue (and Bob)

Best part of my week!