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Entertaining and educational

Lots of great information and easy to listen to. The banter between M & K never fails to make me laugh.

He must listen for national park travelers and hikers

I am fairly new to national Park travel and hiking. Just discovered this podcast about a month ago. I have made my way through probably at least 75% of the episodes. I am learning so much about how to plan and ideas for different trails and hikes. I also really enjoy their sense of humor. Highly recommended

Love the Podcast!!!!

Everglades is our ‘home’ park. We go frequently. I listened this morning to your Everglades podcast and I have a python story. We were riding bikes at Shark Valley and saw an alligator who looked like he had a small tree trunk or a huge stem in it’s mouth. It wasn’t vegetation, it was a huge snake!! It was one of those moments where your eyes can’t believe what they are seeing! Wild! PS: I think slough=slew

Lessons in parks and life

This show has taught me that national parks are a lot like men - the good ones are taken, the convenient ones are reserved, and the rest are just too far out. Thanks to Matt and Karen for the good info and better cheer.


So I had to add to my original review to urge fans to subscribe to the extra content Matt and Karen have on Patreon. Oh my goodness! So fun! Been a huge fan for awhile, and you get even more laughs and tears on the extra content, lol. (Karen-you just go ahead and giggle and cry all you want!!) I just want to say that I would visit your visitors center and contribute to your donation box if you decide to give tours and let people use your stamp-I’ve already purchased my Smokey Bear shirt from Dirtlander, so I’d be first in line at the gift shop! 😂😂😂 Please keep cranking out the fun, I love saving your podcasts for hikes and runs. Love you guys!! I just recently found Matt and Karen and am reading their first book and listening to the podcast any chance I get! I literally laugh out loud frequently at both, while also enjoying tips for future hikes and learning interesting information about the parks. The only downside is every time I listen, I feel manic about getting to the places they talk about, and I’m not retired yet! Lol it’s so much fun to revisit the places in my mind that I have been to, as well as picturing my future trips. Please keep traveling and sharing-I love this podcast so much!

My favorite podcast

I have a decent commute to work, and listening to this podcast is like riding to work with two friends in the car with me. I find Matt and Karen so endearing. Listening to their episodes from places I’ve traveled is like getting to experience my trips a second time. The show just makes me feel happy and hopeful. Their recommendations are helping to shape the family trips we take in the near future. This podcast is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. They are sincere, funny, and down to earth. I love it all!

Perfect Podcast!

Writing this to help reach Karen’s goal! This podcast is helpful and a hoot! We loved the books and appreciate all the tips and tricks!

Informative and Entertaining!

Wow, I'm so glad I've found this podcast! It is so informative and really enjoyable to listen to! I love the little jokes and learning more about the parks. My bucket list is only getting longer while listening!

Big thanks

Thank you both for all of the great ideas and tips for someone like me who wants to get back into hiking. Just wish I doing it before I went to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon back in 2020, but I am planning on going back.

Big fan!

Thanks so much Matt and Karen! I bought my husband the 1st Dear Bob and Sue book for Christmas last year and then I read it first and got hooked. Quickly bought the 2nd and 3rd Bob and Sue. He calls me a Matt and Karen groupie. Love listening to your podcasts- including the laughs and banter. Gives me some joy in these challenging times. My husbands gets nervous when i ‘make’ him listen to a podcast because he knows it means It is going to cost him something. Lol! Heading to Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde and Santa Fe next month. And I have already booked Glacier multiple historic lodges for next July 2023. Dreaming of a Grand Canyon raft trip for 2024. We live in CA and have maybe been to Yosemite 100 times BUT never to Hetch Hetchy. We went in April. Awesome hike thanks to you. Highly recommend the Panoramic trail in Yosemite once hiker shuttle open and the Cathedral Lakes trail up in Tuolumne. Thanks for all you do!!

Fun way to add new places to the bucket list

I’ve read all of Matt & Karen’s books and now I’m making my way through their podcasts! I love how they bring the places they visit to life and focus on the characteristics of the national parks in a way that is very different from typical travel guides. I’m constantly making notes from their episodes about specific hikes, restaurants, tours, etc. They seem like old friends that are just sharing their experiences. Can’t wait for more episodes!

I love Matt & Karen!

I stumbled upon Matt and Karen’s show when I was doing research for a Utah trip and now it’s my favorite podcast! I’m quickly working my way through all of the episodes and many I’ve listened to more than once! I love how they can bring the parks to life even when you haven’t been there and they’ve helped me find a lot of local state parks and national monuments I otherwise might not have explored!

One more option

After I read all the books and then listened to all of them on my road trips, I was sad to have no more Dear Bob and Sue. Then an amazing thing happened…. I found the Podcast! It is such a joy to hear you two in person. Karen’s giggle and Matt’s sarcasm as they recall their many adventures is just “precious”!

Entertaining and Educational

Love listening to the podcast! I am always entertained and learn something new and interesting. Keep laughing, a funny bone is one of the most important and often over looked bones - but it definitely makes life more enjoyable!

Living Vicariously Through Karen's and Matt's Adventures!

I was first introduced to Karen and Matt Smith through purchasing "Dear Bob and Sue", then started following them on social media, listening along on Spotify and shopping on their new site, Their podcast is informative, humorous and relatable. My husband and I are not super serious outdoor enthusiasts (yet), but as we inch closer to retirement, we think about Karen's quote, "You will never have an adventure sitting on the couch", and anticipate creating some of our own memorable national park trips in the near future. Until then, I'm taking notes and laughing along with Karen and Matt as they share their adventures (and misadventures) with an ever-growing audience of devoted followers.

My Favorite Podcast!

I’ve listened to every episode of Dear Bob & Sue multiple times! It’s my favorite podcast hands down. Visiting public lands & hiking has become a passion of mine & my husband’s over the last few years & this podcast makes us even more excited to continue our journey of exploring this beautiful country we live in. Matt & Karen are so fun to listen to & give great advice & suggestions when planning an adventure. Karen’s laughter is contagious & I catch myself giggling with her ! Keep up the great work & I look forward to listening to more of your podcasts!

Love it!

My husband and I are on a 4000+ road trip and found your podcast. We LOVE it. Keep it up cause we are taking notes!

If I could give it 10 stars I would!

I love this podcast. I stumbled upon upon it not long ago and am up to episode 34 I think! it has me laughing out loud and makes me excited to travel across 'the pond' to visit some of these magical places.

Dear Bob and Sue Podcast

Thoroughly enjoy the podcasts, as well as the books. During 2020 they served as an entertaining way to pass the time. Matt and Karen are so real and down to earth to listen to. It seems like they are old friends visiting. I now have a "wish bucket" full of places to visit. I just hope that you will have more books to share your adventures.

I loved their books and now their podcast!

Entertaining as well as informational that will make you smile and laugh out loud! A great place for all your National Parks info. I have loved all Matt and Karen’s books and now their podcast! If you want an inside scoop on a park they’ve got you covered, because they’ve been there. Take a hike, relax and listen while you enjoy the podcast, with or without the Cheez-it’s.

One of my favorite Podcasts!

I love the banter between Karen and Matt. They bring a smile to may face whenever I listen.

Love you guys!

I just recently discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and listen to it on my commute to work. Always brings a smile to my face... and then I arrive at work. But seriously, this is my favorite podcast and I hope it never ends.

A pleasure!

Matt and Karen are the best parks podcasters I’ve found. Easy to listen to, very informative!

Great show!

We are in Capitol reef currently and I decided To search and see if there were any podcasts on Capitol reef. So glad I came across these guys were an awesome show. So informative, professional and fun. I will be looking forward to listening to more of their shows!

Informative and Fun!

Love this podcast!! Matt and Karen are easy and fun to listen to - I love the way they joke back and forth and it’s obvious they enjoy spending time together. Their tips and tricks about visiting the public lands are so helpful and when we plan a trip to a park I always re-listen to their episode about it! Listening to their podcast is like sitting down and chatting with great friends around a campfire. :)

Awesome podcast

I love your podcast. I have been listening for over a year now. I have used several of your tips and suggestions on many of my National park adventures!

Thanks for the laughs and live saving!

I’m getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime (Alaska!) and found your podcast. Only listened to a few (all the Alaska ones! LOL) so far but had to say I’m already finding some helpful advice. But more importantly, your joyful presentation is wildly encouraging and makes me even more excited for my own adventure. Thank you so much.

Love it!

Love this podcast. A must listen for any fans of our national parks. Also love that Matt and Karen bring personality to their shows.

Road trip podcast

Listened to this podcast while camping & traveling with my 20-ye old son through Colorado last summer. He was the one who kept suggesting we listen to another episode. We share a love of nature and being outdoors and this gave us even more to talk about as we drove through some truly beautiful places in CO and AZ.

Love This Show!

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s funny and informative, I love hearing about their adventures. Matt and Karen have the best dynamic and are such a cute couple. #couplegoals