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Entertaining and Fun

I started listening to the Bob and Sue podcasts about a month ago and absolutely fell in love after the first one!!!! I listen to them during my 4 mile walks and found myself laughing out loud and then looking around to see if anyone was nearby and heard me!!! The entertaining stories about your adventures while traveling are inspiring and I can’t wait to get out and visit more National Parks and public lands!!! I finished Episode 30 yesterday and can’t wait for the next one this week!!! Thank you for sharing your love for travel and inspiring so many people to get outside in nature and explore!!!

Very Informative and Entertaining!

Matt and Karen Smith take you along for the ride, sharing tales of their adventures and mis-adventures as they visit all of the National Parks and Public Lands. I first discovered their book "Dories, Ho!" about their dory trip through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. I was then very pleased to hear that they had also previously written the Dear Bob and Sue series of books (seasons 1, 2 and 3) about their epic trip where they visited all of the National Parks (which is a huge goal by the way). Very entertaining and informative, sharing travel tips and great stories. Thank you Matt and Karen for sharing your adventures with us. Always looking forward to more episodes!!

My favorite!

Matt and Karen are such a joy! Knowledgeable, genuine, and funny! And the books are great, too!

My go to podcast at work!!

I love your podcasts. Just listened to Six Astounding State Parks and I loved Antelope Island State Park as well. Thank you so much!!

Great information and storyline

Love your podcast about your travels to the parks and side trails you take.

Hiking Death Valley

After listening to your podcast on Death. Alley we decided to camp the past 4 days there. We typically travel the park on a motorcycle and zip through. But thanks to your great descriptions we decided to stay longer. Thanks for the great tips. We had a blast camping in Stove Pipe Wells and hiking all over. Just love listening and laughing to your podcasts. Look forward to more!

Great tips and lots of laughs!

Thanks for always keeping us laughing and longing for more of the outdoors by sharing your experiences!

Love the Podcast!!!!

Gearing up for a huge summer road trip. You’ve given me a lot of great ideas for hikes. Can’t wait!! Thanks!

Charming! Magical! Add this to your wish bucket!

Laughing along on Matt and Karen’s adventures (through the podcast and books) helped me survive this year of quarantine and has me dreaming and planning future trips. Thank you for the inspiration!


I love the books and the podcasts are awesome too!! Matt and Karen are hilarious and I love hearing about places we have been and those on our list to visit. Keep up the travels and the good work, you two!!!

Dear Bob and Sue

My husband and I love listening to this podcast! We get so many ideas for places to go and visit. Fun couple to listen to and laugh with. Get this podcast and add to your bucket list of places to see and have lots of fun!

Love the books and podcasts

I loved all the books and now enjoy your podcasts! Heading to Utah in September so I am taking notes on all of those from your adventures! We love to hear about the hikes and also the breweries in the area!

Love all of these!!

My bucket list keeps getting bigger. I love hearing about the adventures, misadventures, and getting great tips for visiting our National Parks!!

The best!!

Listening to your podcasts are the next best thing to being there!!

Love it!!

I love the books and have just discovered the podcast....I love it. They are very cute together and give great information! Highly recommend!

Great Find

I stumbled across this podcast as it was recommended based on other ones I listen to. So happy to have found it. Makes me reminisce about my trip to Yellowstone and inspires more travel. Can’t wait to read their books too!

My Favorite!

I have read all of their books and look forward to listening to the podcasts on my walks! Matt and Karen helped inspire our love of the National Parks!

Get to the Point

My husband and I have bought your books and laughed uncontrollably. Now we listen to your podcasts, especially so we can learn tips about gear, best time of year to visit, and listen to Karen’s delightful laughter. However, the tee up to the stories seems to take a lot of time. It’s the equivalent of reading an Instagram post that uses countless periods to lengthen the post. Why waste the reader’s or listener’s time? Keep up the good work.

Love this Podcast

Great, specific info for your own visits to National Parks. Wonderful storytelling!

Love this podcast

I love listening! This is a great podcast to have on while driving, cooking, relaxing, or anything else. I’ve listened to every episode 2-3 times, it really never gets old. Lots of funny moments and good tips you won’t find anywhere else about our national parks... definitely give it a listen

Love the laughter

I love your stories, my husband and I are opposite as I’m the planner and he gets in the car and asks where are we going!

Y’all are great

Love the books and now the podcasts. Keeps me going and laughing as I workout. I get lost in the story. I really enjoy your personal take on your adventures. So much better to hear about trips from someone than to just try to research. So much information about your experiences has me trying to get to more of our national parks. Thanks for the laughs and inspiration.

A magical podcast.

I really enjoy listening every week. The show is educational but certainly not bland. I appreciate their sense of humor and the genuine feel of their relationship. I also get a chuckle at how easily Karen cries when something touches reminds me of my mom.

Dear Bob and Sue Podcasts

We love hearing about your adventures! Listening to your podcasts is part of our weekend routine and we make notes to help with planning our own trips. Thanks so much for entertaining us and sharing your experiences and knowledge!

Love, love, love!

Thank you for your podcasts. I recently listened to your first and second books via audiobook. My husband bought me a National Park passport book and I’m looking forward to filling it. Thank you for all of the suggestions and ideas. We are also into visiting breweries and drinking craft beer, so our future vacations will involve how many breweries and National Parks we can visit!

Love the podcasts

I have recently started enjoying the podcasts after loving all the books! You guys can definitely make me laugh.

Entertaining and informative!

I love this podcast and always listen to their episodes first. I usually listen while out for a walk or run and ar some point find myself laughing out loud. Can you post a picture of the table Matt has been working on?

Checks all the Boxes

I’ve read all the Dear Bob and Sue books and they were great. I appreciate your humor and found them to be both, informative and fun to read. I recently started to listen to the podcasts while walking my dogs or driving in the car, and have especially enjoyed them while quarantining at home, since traveling anywhere is out of the question. I love hearing your stories; you both have great voices for doing a podcast and your laughter makes it apparent you also have a very fun loving relationship. I’m limiting how often I listen because like a great book, I don’t want them to end. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is interested in the great outdoors!

Informative, Inspiration and Entertaining!

The combination of Matt’s rye sense of humor and Karen’s infectious giggle will have you laughing out loud while you learn more about all of the US National Parks and other wilderness areas. a word of caution though, listening to this podcast may cause you to quip your job, sell your home, pack the SUV, live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air.

Fun & inspiring

I started reading the Dear Bob and Sue books after my husband and I went on our first major national parks trip. After that trip, we were in love with the parks & planned on visiting them all! I was so excited to find the books, and now doubly excited for a podcast! I listen to it during my daily runs through the neighborhood. I love all the tips, tricks, and humor!