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5 star review

I’ve read the books and now eagerly listen to the podcast every week. When my husband and I travel we often refer to our friends Matt and Karen. WWM&KD?

My Bucket List Buds

Once our children left the nest, our bucket list branched out to places in Europe, Asia, and the like. Well Matt and Karen brought us back to the good ole U.S. with their books and podcasts. We have been to all the states, I have run a race in 46 states, but we missed so much in practically everywhere we visited. We add to our U.S. bucket list after every podcast. They are the best travelers and hikers I know and their way of presenting their trips to us is as fun as it gets.

Fun podcast if you like hiking and traveling

I look forward to each podcast. I like the places they talk about and the specific hikes they do when they get to their destination. Look forward to the many places you will continue to explore in the future.

Favorite podcast!

Listening to your podcasts makes my day! My husband and I often listen while we are working on making custom travel posters and dreaming of our own future travels. I find myself pausing the podcast to take notes on parks and favorite hikes. No surprise, between the photos we get from out customers and your podcasts and books, our list is getting quite long! To those reading the reviews and trying to decide whether it is worth a listen: if you like to explore national parks, state parks and public lands, even just a little, and you LOVE to laugh, you MUST listen to Matt and Karen Smith’s Dear Bob and Sue podcasts!

Just Fun!

Love the books and this podcast. We hope to experience all the parks some day, in the meantime these bring us joy!

Relatable and Informative

I enjoy listening to Matt & Karen! They are fun and super relatable. I look forward to hearing them recall their adventures. It inspires my husband and I to branch out and look at other areas we hadn’t considered visiting.

One of my favs

Look forward to each episode! Good fun!

Getting ready for a NP road trip

Matt and Karen, thanks for your books and the podcasts. Paul and I are getting ready to hit the road as we are vaccinated, recently retired, and in good health. We have been to 33 parks and will add 3 more to the list. Also, we plan to revisit 5 parks. The podcasts on Carlsbad and White Sands are super helpful. Sonia Nuss

Love them!

I love the books, and I love the podcast. I'm an avid national parks visitor (up to 48!) and I enjoy hearing their tips and what trails they've done. It's inspiring and motivating, not to mention they're pretty funny.


I have been looking for a podcast series that discusses National Parks and the Outdoors in a way that suits me. I believe I have found it at last! I just discovered DearBobandSue and selected Episode 30, “Six Astounding State Parks” to be my first listen. Loved it! I’ve been to 3 of the 6 State Parks you covered, and your descriptions captured the qualities of the parks so well, particularly Goblin Valley. I am planning on trips to Valley of Fire and Custer in the near future. I chose Custer for one of the reasons you covered - it’s proximity to so many National lands: Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave, Badlands, Devil’s Tower to name a few. Your discussion has made me even more eager to go. I look forward to many more hours of interesting and joyful listening.

Love it!

My husband, two year old, and I love listening to Matt and Karen. Our two year old yells for Bob and Sue whenever we get in the car. We are currently working on our goal of visiting all the national parks with our now family of four. We have been to fifteen so far and our nine week old has been to three already as well. Matt and Karen are entertaining and help us plan our national park trips!

Better and better

I think the podcasts are getting better and better. These are a bright spot reminding me of beauty and laughter in some dark times. Living vicariously ....

Majestic adventure!

Matt and Karen are entertaining and informative in the Dear Bob and Sue podcast. My husband and I enjoy listening separately and quoting to each other our favorite parts of your adventures! Thank you for excellent National Park info too!

Love It!

Great insight and commentary to the US National Parks! Lots of good ideas on what to see and highlights to check out. Makes us want to have so many more adventures!


My husband and I love listening while we’re in the car. Thanks for telling your stories

Love this couple

I love the fact that this couple are empty Nester middle-aged folk like myself. It's very refreshing to have content from our crowd. I think the podcast is very well put together it makes me want to read the books. The content is fantastic and I use it to decide where to go hiking in the national parks and monuments.

Loving the National Monuments Podcasts

My wish bucket list just keeps getting longer with each episode. Loved the newest one with your favorite NMs! You guys are awesome!

Great information and fun listen!

I read the books and was thrilled when they started the podcast. Great information to help with planning trips, and I feel I am getting away as I listen. I often laugh out loud listening! Highly recommend.


Matt and Karen - my sister let us borrow her Dear Bob and Sue book and my wife and I have totally enjoyed reading through that (often we read aloud like it’s our evening story hour.) Found that you have a podcast and we are now hooked on that. We’re around the same age as you are, enjoy a good hike and are huge fans of our countries public lands. Thanks for the insights and for keeping our our travel fires burning bright. Dan and Terry Domin - Bristow, VA

The best podcast about our national Parks!

I started out with Matt and Karen’s books, which are fantastic. If you haven’t read them, they are a must read. The podcast fills in some gaps and answers questions you may have about the parks and their adventures in them. This is the that podcast makes you want to get out and explore!

Entertaining and Inspiring

We really enjoy listening to the Dear Bob and Sue podcast. We always learn something and have a few chuckles along the way. Matt and Karen have inspired many of our own national park adventures.

Instantly Transported to Nature’s Treasures

Thank you both so much for sharing your NP adventures in this podcast! I truly love listening to it and learning from it, as it brings back memories of National Parks that I love and new ones that I plan to visit. As a Midwest flat lander who loves traveling and the western mountains and deserts, your podcasts help me to dream of the many camping/hiking trips in our future. Thanks!

Excellent Podcast

Our family loves this podcast. Great information about our public lands.

Informative and fun!

The information and descriptions are very helpful. Matt and Karen have a great dynamic and are so fun to listen to! Karen’s laugh is contagious and I find myself smiling and laughing during every episode!

Our favorite Podcast

I have read and enjoyed their books but their personalities shine through on the podcast. My husband and I are very adventurous and love our National Parks. I know many people feel this way about Matt and Karen but I’m certain we would become fast friends if we ever met. My husband and I often laugh out loud often during their banter:):)

Such Fun!

I really love your podcasts! Ya’ll sound like you are have so much fun! Of course the stories about the National Parks are so interesting. I listen to these stories and they get me interested in seeing places I haven’t seen and trying to hike more. Keep up the great work! Mary Klinger

Informative with a heavy dose of humor!

Great info sprinkled with witty humor!

Don’t miss!

Don’t miss this entertaining and informative podcast! Matt and Karen share tales from their experiences in United States national parks. If you’re planning on visiting the parks, listen to their podcast and/or read their books to get the lowdown. Listening is a magical experience.

My favorite podcast!

I save the ‘Dear Bob and Sue’ podcast for my long drives so I can look forward to hearing them. I’m so glad they are now doing the podcast weekly!

Delightful and Informative

There is a lot of information about traveling to the National Parks and several other podcasts as well. None of them delivery the information in such a fun and winsome way.