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Love the outdoors

I eagerly await each new podcast. Great to learn about parks I hope to travel to, hear reminders of wonderful places I have been lucky enough to see and dream about parks that I might never get to. I love the great outdoors.

Helpful tool to get through winter

I especially enjoy listening to this podcast during the harsh winter months in North Dakota when I am eager to start planning summer trips! Matt and Karen make me laugh and day dream about adventure.

Set a Bucket List

Man Karen provide lots of great ideas to make a bucket list adventure. Love hearing about their travels and giving tips and inspiration on my next adventure!


I stumbled upon this show when driving home from a camping trip. I now have a goal to visit all of the National Parks (with Alaska being last... Especially after hearing of the float plane!)

Love this podcast and their books!

Karen and Matt (I used your name first, Karen!) give valuable information about excellent adventures with humor and reverence for our wonderful national parks!

Fun and inspiring

I love listening to you and appreciate all the info you share. I’m looking forward to getting back to more trips after this crazy pandemic! You’re a great pair. I love hearing how you enjoy each other and all your travel adventures. I listen to every episode!

Don’t Stop!

Please do not stop laughing - we love your podcasts!

My Heroes

These two people are my heroes - at least when it comes to travel and the NPS system!! I wish I knew them in person and could travel with them and their crew. A ton of fun, extremely knowledgeable, very relatable and down to earth, respectful of our natural resources, and quite an inspiration to me personally! Definitely my “go to” podcast to listen to while I commute back and forth between work and home. Thank you Matt and Karen for being wonderful humans and for being such a valuable travel resource and joy to listen to!!

Fun and informative

Love this podcast. Matt and Karen entertain while giving some useful tips. Their love of our public lands comes through in each episode!

Fun, informative, and relatable

We enjoy listening to Dear Bob and Sue! We are on a slow journey of visiting the national parks and love that in some cases we have had similar experiences and have learned about must-dos in parks we have not yet visited!

I feel like I am on vacation with them!

Love their books and podcasts! Great vacation ideas!

They are adorable!

I have read all of their books, so I thought the podcast might be redundant. It isn’t! I enjoy their banter. It is obvious, that after 40 yrs (?) of marriage, that they still really like each other. I also appreciate that they always find something positive to say about all of their experiences, and never act like their opinion is the only opinion.

Absolutely Love this Podcast

I’m a big true crime podcast fan, but I’m an even bigger fan of our National park system. Thus, I love listening to Matt and Karen describe their adventures and give great advice and tips on visiting our National treasures. I love the humor they share as a couple. I learn and laugh through each episode. Keep up the GREAT work!

Inspiration and adventure

Wonderful information about adventures in the National Parks delivered with humor and fun. Matt and Karen give lots of options to work for a variety of travel styles. My favorite podcast by far!

Great listen!

It’s good to listen to real people with real stories of their adventures. I can relate to them and think their travel advice to the NP’s is interesting and helpful! Inspires me to plan my next trip! You literally watch them grow confidence in being in the outdoors - at first they didn’t camp or backpack - so as listeners you cheer them on! I don’t have as much time off as they do, so this podcast let’s me dream!

Thanks for continuing to entertain

I was grateful to have these podcasts available. Enjoyed all the audibles…listened 2 to 3 times to those. A bright spot in today’s world✨

Love this!!!

I just recently found Matt and Karen and am reading their first book and listening to the podcast any chance I get! I literally laugh out loud frequently at both, while also enjoying tips for future hikes and learning interesting information about the parks. The only downside is every time I listen, I feel manic about getting to the places they talk about, and I’m not retired yet! Lol it’s so much fun to revisit the places in my mind that I have been to, as well as picturing my future trips. Please keep traveling and sharing-I love this podcast so much!

Fun Facts and a jolly listen 😊

Love listening to Matt and Karen , super fun. They’re very informative and their stories are loaded with laughter. I’ve learned so much about the National Parks and places too visit near by the Parks. Recommendations have been fantastic ❣️ Give them a listen and I’m sure you’ll be hooked like I am. Their IG is absolutely FANTASTIC ❣️@mattandkarensmith Thanks Rani 🥾🥾💚

I’m Addicted!

Love this series! Matt and Karen are just fun to listen to…GREAT stories, laughter, and advice, and they have so much fun on their adventures. I’ve used lots of their tips and ideas, in fact I just booked a trip to northern Arizona and Utah using several of their episodes for advice!

Zion/Subway Hike

Dear Bob and Sue is my favorite podcast! They are real, funny, and incredibly informative. I look forward to listening every week!


Very enjoyable podcast!

Fun adventurous couple

Thank you for providing practical tips for even the beginning hiker!

Top Podcast -AAAA Rated

Karen and Matt are awesome. They have great stories to tell and so much humor and laughter intertwined. My wife and I leave January 15, 2022 for a 2-3 year trip around North America to see all the National Parks and then some. This podcast series has been awesome…I take detailed notes and add to my spreadsheet of trails, restaurants (especially brewpubs), and other things we must do along the way. This is the Bible for National Parks touring and hiking.

Excellent Show!

Very informative and funny, too! I enjoy how down to earth Matt and Karen are- sharing mistakes as well as success. This is also a great break from News Channels. Thanks Y’ALL.


Very entertaining and learn a lot about our National Parks! Also loved the books!

My Favorite Podcast!

We love our National Parks! Matt and Karen do a fantastic job of taking us along with them on their trips through their descriptions and fun banter! I find myself walking with my headphones on and laughing out loud almost every episode! I’m making a list of where we need to go next from their recommendations! Thanks Guys!!!

My Favorite Podcast

I am a casual hiker of a certain age and I love to listen to your podcasts while I am doing my daily walk. It makes the miles fly by and I am constantly chuckling along with you two. I have read all of your books and I am caught up on your podcasts. By the way, Matt, have you and Karen been to Portland in the past few weeks? My husband and I had rented a car while we were out there on vacation and we found a box of Cheez-its under the seat….

Thanks Matt and Karen.

This series of books and podcasts have not only been our primary resource but the #1 inspiration for my husband and I to get out there and see the beauty our National Parks and public lands have to offer. Thanks Matt and Karen for helping us be inspired to travel in a way that helps us maintain an active lifestyle in our retirement.

Great info!

I love this podcast and all the Dear Bob and Sue books as well. My husband and I have very similar experiences and discussions on our trips—hearing or reading about their experiences bring all the memories back and give us more ideas for places to go.

Entertaining, educational, useful, FUN

I wish I had know about this podcast sooner! I’m binge listening to every episode and find myself laughing and smiling the whole time. It’s witty, good-natured humor about Matt and Karen’s trips together. Part interesting travel tips and part random fun banter. I love their marriage dynamic and their transparency about the hardships and joys that happens during vacations. It’s the perfect mix of being relatable and inspiring. Listening to them makes me want to travel everywhere. I also find myself appreciating scenery and small things in life more. Whether you hike or travel or not, this is a just plain interesting and fun podcast to enjoy.