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Entertaining, educational, useful, FUN

I wish I had know about this podcast sooner! I’m binge listening to every episode and find myself laughing and smiling the whole time. It’s witty, good-natured humor about Matt and Karen’s trips together. Part interesting travel tips and part random fun banter. I love their marriage dynamic and their transparency about the hardships and joys that happens during vacations. It’s the perfect mix of being relatable and inspiring. Listening to them makes me want to travel everywhere. I also find myself appreciating scenery and small things in life more. Whether you hike or travel or not, this is a just plain interesting and fun podcast to enjoy.

Favorite podcast!

I love listening to their banter and learning more about national parks that I’ve never visited. Matt and Karen don’t claim to be experts, they just share their experiences and what works for them, and it’s great! Highly recommend their books as well.

Favorite podcast!

Absolutely loved the books and now love the podcast! I used to try to save the episodes for entertainment during road trips and other travels but now I look forward to each episode so much that I end up listening to it right away. Definitely a favorite podcast!

Great podcast about traveling in the National Parks

I’m not much of a hiker but Karen and Matt make me want to try more! We have visited about half of the national parks and I love hearing the stories, tips and pleasant banter from these two. In fact, we’re on our way to Olympic National Park in our RV and re-listening to episode 19 is like getting recommendations from friends. Love this podcast!

Great podcast

So much fun to listen. Love the books!

Loving this podcast!

I recently found this podcast and am just loving it. Karen and Matt are so informative, inspiring, and fun to listen to. I highly recommend this podcast!

Bob and sue podcast

Great info and so fun but professional! They are awesome!!!

Stunning 😉

I discovered the Dear Bob & Sue podcast a few months ago and I’m so glad I did! As someone who loves the outdoors and hopes to hit the road someday to see the National Parks, this podcast has been encouraging and helped give me a push to get out there and explore. The best part of Dear Bob & Sue is not the info and stories about the parks…it’s Matt & Karen and their hilarious back-and-forth conversations! I love listening to them and after binging all of the episodes, I feel like I’m listening to some of my old friends bantering. Even if you have no interest in visiting the US National Parks, you will still enjoy their stories of “adventures and misadventures”. So entertaining and I’ve also taken lots of notes for future park trips. I’m currently reading their book (also called Dear Bob & Sue) and it is equally endearing and entertaining. If you’re just starting out with the podcast I recommend their Lake Clark episode - it’s been one of my favorites so far. Looking forward to more episodes in the future. Thanks, Matt & Karen, for the thought and effort you put into your podcast!

Beware: Will give you wanderlust

I recently discovered this podcast and am now addicted. I love how practical and useful their advice is, but they’re also fun and entertaining storytellers. I take furious notes while I listen, planning countless National Parks trips for the future.

Love Matt and Karen’s podcasts!

I am a big fan of Matt and Karen and loved the Dear Bob and Sue books! The podcasts are so entertaining. I enjoy hearing some of the “behind the scenes” information that we didn’t read about in the books. During the podcasts, I feel like I’m sitting in their “park visitor center” living room listening to stories of their adventures. I also like that they share visitor information and knowledge about each park, some from their perspective but also some basic helpful hints. If you’re interested in national parks, grab a beer, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and settle in for an entertaining peek into the parks!

Like a conversation with a couple of friends!

Hands down, this is my favorite podcast ever. I love their conversational style, and each episode is sprinkled with lots of good laughter. It’s very wholesome! It’s also very inspiring and educational for me…makes me want to quit my job and spend a year visiting America’s National Parks!

Love the pod casts!

My wife and I love to listen to your adventures, as we are also trying to visit all the national parks! Keep them coming..

I love these two. Great podcast

In my mind this is one of the best podcasts about National parks. Even if you haven’t read the books (you should if this subject matter interests you) you’ll love this podcast. The stories are great and there’s always some good tips and tricks. I’ve been listening since the beginning and every episode I find myself smiling listening to Matt and Karen telling their stories. At this point their adventures have me wishing I could be their friend.

Best Podcast Ever...

We love Matt and Karen. Not only are they informative and extremely knowledgeable about our National Parks and more but they are entertaining and humorous! Their adventures make you want to pack your bags and head to the parks, trails, and even rivers!

Delightful listening

Ive been listening while i do my 3 mile walks as daily as possible in April in Upstate new york! I am laughing out loud just like when i read the books! People driving past probably think im crazy but its so FUNNY! I can visualize what they are describing every time and i get great tips about parks i want to visit in my RV! Im going to listen to the RV episode agian because i laughed so hard i missed some of it 👍👍👍👍👍

A little too much giggling

Loved your first book, love your Instagrams. The podcasts, while informative, usually well-spoken, and peppered with fun banter, sometimes suffer from too many giggling sessions. This sometimes upsets the flow of information for me. Sorry, guys, but I thought you’d want to know. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

Best NPS podcast I’ve found so far

My new favorite NPS podcast! Love your guys take on the tips and tricks involved in traveling to the parks! Can’t wait to listen to more episodes! Matt and Karen are an inspiration for my husband and I!

Loved It!!!

Matt and Karen are so much fun!!! I love how much they love national parks!! And they give you details without getting bogged down and boring. If you love public lands, you’re going to love this show!

So much fun!

Loved their books and now I’m enjoying all of the podcasts as well! So much fun to listen to and dream about the parks I will visit someday!


Absolutely terrific podcasts. We went to our first group of parks last spring and discovered Matt and Karen’s podcasts on the drive home. Can’t get enough of them!

Knowledge with fun

While I may never be able to visit all of the National Parks I have learned so much from this podcast. Even the parks I’ve been too. I can tell they love the parks. I’ve enjoyed every episode and recommended to others visiting the parks.

New Favorite Podcast!

I heard about this podcast when Matt and Karen were on Hiking Thru Life. I began “binge-listening,” and I was immediately enthralled from the very first episode. The Smiths are so entertaining; I love their goofy banter and interesting stories. The episodes are not only filled with adventures and misadventures in the National Parks, but details and information about our public lands. This couple is very inspiring, and makes me all the more excited to visit each of the U.S. National Parks. I will definitely be reading their books, and I look forward to a new episode every week!

Loving this podcast

My daughter introduced me to the podcast a month or 2 ago while we were driving to a camp together. Now I listen to the two of you on all adventures. I love hearing about the parks near by, also living in Washington makes it nice to get your ideas. Since Karen loves and wants more reviews I finally wrote my very first podcast review.

Great job as always.

Thanks Matt and Karen for another great episode. Your timing is impeccable with the Badlands episode, as we will be heading to the Dakotas in a week. Really appreciate the description of your one day at the Badlands. We’ll have to check the Minutemen film as well.

Never miss an episode

Really like this podcast

One of my favorite shows

Matt and Karen are a joy to listen to. I started reading their books in 2019 and when they announced they were doing a podcast I was thrilled. Their show is such a fun hour and they’re talking about travel and National Parks. What more could you want?


It’s always hard on me when I finish a good series of books, particularly those as well written by Matt and Karen. Each day, I look forward to picking up where I left off. They do such a wonderful job of immersing the reader/listener into their adventures. And while very funny, they impart good, common-sense observations about their travels to our public lands. So having finished the books, I was delighted to find so many episodes to catch up on in their podcast. I really enjoy hearing more about their adventures in a conversational tone and am often laughing along with them throughout the podcast. Thank you so much for your work, and I’ll be thinking of you both every time I chase a pizza with my beer.

Funny and informational

I love listening to this podcast because it reminds me of places I have been in the National Parks or it gives me ideas for new adventures.

This podcast helped my pandemic blues!

I’m so glad I found this podcast relatively early on in the pandemic. With the last year being full of disappointment due to cancelled trips and lots of time spent at home, this podcast was just so comforting! I really enjoy listening to Matt and Karen’s stories. It seems like they have so much fun together on their adventures.