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Love you guys!

I just recently discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and listen to it on my commute to work. Always brings a smile to my face... and then I arrive at work. But seriously, this is my favorite podcast and I hope it never ends.

A pleasure!

Matt and Karen are the best parks podcasters I’ve found. Easy to listen to, very informative!

Great show!

We are in Capitol reef currently and I decided To search and see if there were any podcasts on Capitol reef. So glad I came across these guys were an awesome show. So informative, professional and fun. I will be looking forward to listening to more of their shows!

Informative and Fun!

Love this podcast!! Matt and Karen are easy and fun to listen to - I love the way they joke back and forth and it’s obvious they enjoy spending time together. Their tips and tricks about visiting the public lands are so helpful and when we plan a trip to a park I always re-listen to their episode about it! Listening to their podcast is like sitting down and chatting with great friends around a campfire. :)

Awesome podcast

I love your podcast. I have been listening for over a year now. I have used several of your tips and suggestions on many of my National park adventures!

Thanks for the laughs and live saving!

I’m getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime (Alaska!) and found your podcast. Only listened to a few (all the Alaska ones! LOL) so far but had to say I’m already finding some helpful advice. But more importantly, your joyful presentation is wildly encouraging and makes me even more excited for my own adventure. Thank you so much.

Love it!

Love this podcast. A must listen for any fans of our national parks. Also love that Matt and Karen bring personality to their shows.

Road trip podcast

Listened to this podcast while camping & traveling with my 20-ye old son through Colorado last summer. He was the one who kept suggesting we listen to another episode. We share a love of nature and being outdoors and this gave us even more to talk about as we drove through some truly beautiful places in CO and AZ.

Love This Show!

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s funny and informative, I love hearing about their adventures. Matt and Karen have the best dynamic and are such a cute couple. #couplegoals

Love this show!

Your podcast has brought me so much joy! It’s lighthearted and I can feel your joy! I love the national parks and it has been an amazing couple of years exploring them with my husband. Love your laughter together after so many years that can make light of the marital craziness embracing each other’s quirks, lol.

Great Podcasts (and also great books)!

My wife and I have read all of Matt and Karen’s books and we’ve listened to all of the podcasts. They’re great - interesting, informative, and entertaining!

Dear Bob & Sue-

Entertaining and Informative!!

National Parks!

So much valuable information. Also fun to listen to.

So enjoyable and informative!

I love Matt and Karen! They are funny, they enjoy each other and never squabble, and I feel like I’m sitting around listening to friends chat with me when I listen to this podcast. I’ve learned lots about many NP’s, especially the parks in the West. They do an extremely thorough job in reviewing a park, including hikes or activities to do, places to stay, food, and tips for the visit. These two are my favorite podcast to listen to these days—give them a try and I bet you’ll feel like you found two new friends!

Great podcast

Look forward to each episode .

Love !!

So relatable and chock-full of useful , practical tips .. and hilarious too ! Love that they talk about the best times of year to visit the parks as well . Thanks guys for putting this out there ! the podcast made me want to buy the books , really enjoying these too 😄

Great podcast!

Love the podcast, I love the every week podcast. Keep up the great work! We went to Vegas and went to all the parks you all talked about in episode number 14. We also went to another area called Mount Charleston which had some awesome hikes. When we got there it was 64° at 7 AM and 74° at noon in Vegas that day it was 108°. We went on three hikes that day and they were all awesome. Love the podcast.

Fantastic and fun

A friend recommended this podcast to me at the start of the new year. I’ve since listened to the first 25 podcasts and have really enjoyed them. Matt and Karen are fun and enthusiastic about their trips and they have a great sense of humor and easy-going relationship that I really like. I am glad I still have so many episodes to listen to before I “catch up.”

Helpful and Funny

Matt and Karen invite us into their world by sharing their experiences visiting so many places that you can’t help but add many of their recommendations to your bucket list. I love how they poke fun at each other and laugh during the podcast, and how their personalities shine through. I feel like they are my friends now after having listened to about 30 of the episodes. Looking forward to listening through all of them, and reading their books!

Inspired to make travel dreams happen thanks to your podcast!

I never expected to be one of those people who walks around with AirPods in, listening to podcasts, but since discovering your podcasts, I am doing this. My wife and I just retired (early sixties) and have planned to up our camping/travel game (spent 1st week of retirement in the Everglades camping, hiking, biking, kayaking), but our large hobby farm with animals is demanding of regular attention. Listening to your travel escapades has me searching for ideas as to how to manage more travel time. I just ordered your first book, too. Love laughing out loud while listening to your podcasts. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Fun and Informative

This podcast has been very helpful as we plan for our next three week National Park Road trip from Ohio to Washington state and back. It also brings back memories of another trip we took in 2019. Thanks for all the great information!

Love the outdoors

I eagerly await each new podcast. Great to learn about parks I hope to travel to, hear reminders of wonderful places I have been lucky enough to see and dream about parks that I might never get to. I love the great outdoors.

Helpful tool to get through winter

I especially enjoy listening to this podcast during the harsh winter months in North Dakota when I am eager to start planning summer trips! Matt and Karen make me laugh and day dream about adventure.

Set a Bucket List

Man Karen provide lots of great ideas to make a bucket list adventure. Love hearing about their travels and giving tips and inspiration on my next adventure!


I stumbled upon this show when driving home from a camping trip. I now have a goal to visit all of the National Parks (with Alaska being last... Especially after hearing of the float plane!)

Love this podcast and their books!

Karen and Matt (I used your name first, Karen!) give valuable information about excellent adventures with humor and reverence for our wonderful national parks!

Fun and inspiring

I love listening to you and appreciate all the info you share. I’m looking forward to getting back to more trips after this crazy pandemic! You’re a great pair. I love hearing how you enjoy each other and all your travel adventures. I listen to every episode!

Don’t Stop!

Please do not stop laughing - we love your podcasts!

My Heroes

These two people are my heroes - at least when it comes to travel and the NPS system!! I wish I knew them in person and could travel with them and their crew. A ton of fun, extremely knowledgeable, very relatable and down to earth, respectful of our natural resources, and quite an inspiration to me personally! Definitely my “go to” podcast to listen to while I commute back and forth between work and home. Thank you Matt and Karen for being wonderful humans and for being such a valuable travel resource and joy to listen to!!

Fun and informative

Love this podcast. Matt and Karen entertain while giving some useful tips. Their love of our public lands comes through in each episode!