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Subscribed and excited!

Can’t wait to hear your new podcasts! I love your stories and am also a big fan of your photos! I’d like to know more about how you set them up, especially when you are both in the pic like in the new Wave story! Thanks! Dori M

Witty banter

Can’t wait to hear your witty banter brought to life in podcast form!!!

You are living my dream!!

I’m so glad I found you guys, AND I’m so glad you live in my homeland (the great PNW) hence I know you can be trusted 😂🥰 I’m on Book No. 3 so please let me read it first before you podcast it, no spoiler alerts (unless you really want to that is)!!! I love your funny and witty - well sometimes anyway - storytelling. OK, I concede your stories are fantastic, I get hooked on wanting to know how your adventures turn out and am so glad you live to tell us more 🐻🐍🐿🐾! Thank you Matt and Karen and keep up the writing ✍️ and now the oral storytelling! 🎙

Adventurous Storytellers!

Excited for your podcast & all your adventurous stories!

Never done a podcast before!

I’m so psyched! I’ve never done a podcast before just like I’ve never done ‘shrooms before. Only Matt and Karen Smith could make me want to even figure out what a podcast is, much less listen to one. Oh.....goody! This will just be like listening to the radio stories back in the twenty years ago of Prairie Home Companion. Anyway, thanks, Matt and Karen, for dragging me into the 2000’s!

Matt and Karen

So excited to hear your podcast! Love your books and I’m sure you’re going “ROCK “ this as well!