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Excited for this new podcast

I'm a long time fan of Matt and Karen. I've read all the books, some more than once and subscribe to their emails and now podcasts. Every time we visit a place they have written about we go back and reread that section before going. I enjoy their humor and storytelling. I'm excited for one more way to get to be entertained by them.

Yep...that is the real Matt and Karen.

We’ve been waiting for the podcast adventures to begin...and you’re 1st podcast did not disappoint. Now that we’ve listened to episode 1, we’ll be anxiously looking to each new podcast. I was just at the library...they don’t have a copy of Dear Robert and Suzanne, the highly anticipated picture book of your “other” adventures in the parks. Please let us know when it will be available. I’m sure it will also be a best seller wherever it can be legally sold 😳

We should be friends

I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your first book, but I felt like I was in each of the parks with you, enjoying a hike and a beer. So when I learned via Instagram that you had started a podcast, I knew I had to subscribe. Just listened to the first episode and you didn’t disappoint. Interesting, conversational and witty. Pretty sure we could be friends. (And, no, I don’t mean that in a stalker, creepy way.). To others, do yourself a favor and subscribe.

Awesome Adventure Podcast!

I loved reading Matt and Karen’s books and following along on Instagram, I’m so excited they now have a podcast! It’s fun listening to them tell stories about their adventures as well as interact with each other. Thank you Matt and Karen!

Enjoyment vs impeachment

What a fun & uplifting alternative to Impeachment Hell over the last few days! Since we have enjoyed the Dear Bob & Sue books it was great to hear the authors voices and Karen’s infectious laugh. I will recommend the Podcasts to friends in our Camping Club. Who knows, we may even get our Season 1 Dear Bob & Sue book returned! Must be a book hoarder out there. Seriously, can’t wait for the next Podcast.

Matt and Karen cancellation stamp

Just listen to my first episode please make more! Its so fun to hear your adventure come to audio. Also I’m just across the river in Portland, I’m headed your way with my passport booklet! 😂

Great story!

Totally enjoyed my walk today with you guys! Nailed it! Felt like I was on the plane with the sound effects. I will NEVER again ask Karen to take a small plane from Skagway to Juneau. Great job friends!

It’s great to hear you tell your stories.

Thanks for episode 1. You two made my morning jog so much more fun!! I have read all your books and told many, many people about them. I have also given Season 1 to many friends as a gift. Thanks for inspiring us to get out and enjoy this beautiful country. Keep up the important work you are doing. Let’s make America fit again. Becky Brown

Love Matt and Karen!

I have read every book Matt and Karen Smith have wrote. Actually, I haven’t finished one of them because I don’t want it to be over. This is how much I love their stories and the podcast is no different. They are exactly what I would expect after reading their books. If you love nature, National Parks, or just good stories give Dear Bob and Sue a listen!

Another great story telling!

So enjoyed the first of hopefully many more to come podcast reliving Dear Bob and Sue stories! Keep it coming!!! It sure brings the experiences alive!

1st Podcast

Even tho’ I’ve read the books and remember this experience in the book, hearing you tell it makes you realize how incredibly frightening it was. Fun to listen to you banter back and forth. Thanks, Pat Mark


You are great story tellers! Thanks for being stewards of our amazing national parks and hopefully introducing more people to them.

Funny and down to earth

I loved all of your books and I’m excited to hear more stories during your podcasts. I’m hoping to convince my husband to do more traveling soon!


Matt and Karen’s podcast is just an extension of the incredible sense of humor you find in their books!

Great Storytellers

I am so excited that Dear Bob and Sue is now a Podcast. Matt and Karen are great storytellers! I am looking forward to hearing even more adventures!

So excited!

I can’t wait until Thursday to hear your first podcast!

Dories Ho!!!

So excited for your podcast and to hear your stories in your own voices. Your books are awesome and laugh out loud funny! Hopefully you’ll have Bob & Sue on at some point as well as John & Lolly!

Subscribed and excited!

Can’t wait to hear your new podcasts! I love your stories and am also a big fan of your photos! I’d like to know more about how you set them up, especially when you are both in the pic like in the new Wave story! Thanks! Dori M

Witty banter

Can’t wait to hear your witty banter brought to life in podcast form!!!

You are living my dream!!

I’m so glad I found you guys, AND I’m so glad you live in my homeland (the great PNW) hence I know you can be trusted 😂🥰 I’m on Book No. 3 so please let me read it first before you podcast it, no spoiler alerts (unless you really want to that is)!!! I love your funny and witty - well sometimes anyway - storytelling. OK, I concede your stories are fantastic, I get hooked on wanting to know how your adventures turn out and am so glad you live to tell us more 🐻🐍🐿🐾! Thank you Matt and Karen and keep up the writing ✍️ and now the oral storytelling! 🎙

Adventurous Storytellers!

Excited for your podcast & all your adventurous stories!

Never done a podcast before!

I’m so psyched! I’ve never done a podcast before just like I’ve never done ‘shrooms before. Only Matt and Karen Smith could make me want to even figure out what a podcast is, much less listen to one. Oh.....goody! This will just be like listening to the radio stories back in the twenty years ago of Prairie Home Companion. Anyway, thanks, Matt and Karen, for dragging me into the 2000’s!

Matt and Karen

So excited to hear your podcast! Love your books and I’m sure you’re going “ROCK “ this as well!