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Always makes me laugh!

I love love love this podcast! Matt and Karen always make me laugh when describing their outdoor adventures. They are a couple that you want to travel with! The episodes always include insiders tips and tricks for our national parks & public lands that you won’t find in a guidebook. Highly recommend. Very entertaining and informative. 💕

So entertaining

I have read season 1 but now listening to their podcast I will read it again. I laugh out loud listening to their podcast and I love their interaction as they talk.


Even after reading all of Matt & Karen’s books these podcasts are still jewels!

Love the podcasts and the books too!

We finally got caught up with all of the podcast episodes this weekend. Loved them all! Especially enjoyed the episode about the least-visited parks — we lived Dry Tortugas and just got to thoroughly enjoy Big Bend in late February. The books have been our inspiration to try and visit all of the National Parks as well, and we’re about 2/3 of the way through the parks in the lower 48 states.


I’ve been enjoying your podcasts. Look forward to each new one. I’ve read all your books. Keep them coming!

Love this Podcast!

I just finished reading all the Bob and Sue books and have started listening to the Podcast. I love the way the two of you tell the story of your experiences in the National Parks, makes me feel like I am there! I can’t wait to visit so many of the parks you talk about!

Katmai NP

I’ve loved all the podcasts but this is the first time I actually figured out where to write a review. It’s been so much fun listening to Karen and Matt talk about stuff I’ve already read. The Brown Bear focus on this podcast was informative and so funny ( except for some stuff about natural order that was too sad). When we had a mama bear and her 2 cubs wander thru camp one morning, it set our hearts pumping. Mama stood up and stared my brother in the eye. Keep ‘em coming and happy trails really soon, I hope. Til then hang out in your visitor station.

So good!

A podcast that is both educational and entertaining. If you love the books and who doesn’t, this podcast is a nice addition to the National Park adventures they write about.

Love this podcast

I love your podcasts and become totally absorbed in the storytelling and the location being described. Thanks for the information, the laughs, and helping me grow my travel bucket list (except I do not have the fortitude for the brown bears nor slot canyons). Can’t wait for the next podcast.

So much love!

My husband and I want to grow up to be you guys... which might be hard since we are a bit older than you two. We enjoy visiting our national parks and plan most of our vacations backpacking, hiking, camping through the parks. Your podcasts are fun, relatable, and just what the doctor ordered! I love that now when I read your books (I’ve finished Dear Bob and Sue 1 and 2) I can hear your voices, and best of all, hear you laughing together as you recount your adventures. Excellent podcast!! I can’t wait for the next episode.

These Podcasts make me HAPPY !

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Dear Bob and Sue books (and the Dories ! Ho! book)::: but the podcasts bring me even more happiness. I typically enjoy books/podcasts during my work commute and while running errands. As my work has slowed to a crawl, like many, I have stepped up my listening. Today, I played 3 podcasts through a portable speaker I set up in the garden. I worked steadily cleaning out weeds and cutting back camellias... and the time flew by. The banter and Karen’s laughter really brings the content to “the next level”. I have commented previously (via FB) that I really wish Karen and Matt would narrate the audio versions of their books. I get the sense that they are younger than the narrators who did the books ... and Matt and Karen have much different regional accents . Plus the laughter and inflection. Not to harp on it, but it really is a good idea ! Back to the podcasts::: fabulous spontaneity and the stories really are wonderful. I may never actually hike a slot canyon, but I now have an interest in the “possibility “ of exploring some new places thanks to this podcast (and the books). Thank you Karen and Matt for bringing quality entertainment and education to us !! Please keep churning these out 😊😊

Thank you!!

Very entertaining and informative. Able to describe a visual picture of the adventure and I enjoy the marital banter btwn Matt & Karen. During this lockdown -I listen when I walk and imagine traveling w my new friends! Take care & Stay safe!

Thanks for sharing

Enjoy your uplifting and informative podcasts. I just finished listening to the Zion podcast which has good practical info plus lots of laughs. Again, Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Dear Karen and Matt, Thank you for putting a smile on my face as I walk and run to relieve stress in the beautiful outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic our world is going through. A joyful heart is good medicine! You guys are the best! Be well, Camper Kelly

Great podcast!

Great podcast if you like hearing about adventures in our national parks and lands! Thanks Matt and Karen for sharing and taking us along, keep up the good work!

Love this podcast!!

I have been following Matt and Karen on Instagram for awhile now, and to hear them ‘live’ is a treat! I particularly like the RV podcast and park lodge podcasts. It’s great information for those is us that are beginners at camping and need firsthand advice on places to stay. Keep up the great work!


I have throughly enjoyed listening to your podcasts the last month. My drive to and from work on the Thursdays that these come out is much more bearable. My only disappointment is that a couple of times when I have pulled into the parking lot at work I’m thinking “wait a minute, this isn’t a National Park!.

Great Podcast!!

I adore these stories.....Thank you for sharing about your adventures and how you love each other and love life! I love the mailbag time at the end. Thanks for helping us all celebrate the American treasures we all have.

Always so funny!

There were so many occasions when I laughed out loud! I can’t understand why anyone would hate you. I always enjoy your books, pictures, video and now your podcasts too! Thank you for sharing your stories with all us!

Great stuff!

Love your books and the podcasts are informative and hilarious.

Funny and Informative

I’m a national park lover and Matt and Karen’s podcast is both informative and fun to listen to. Each podcast provides me with insightful information ( park lodges, hiking trails, times to visit, poop bags lol ) that I can utilize to get more out of my national park visits.

Don’t miss out!

Reading Season 3 but this podcast allows for you to continue your journey with Matt and Karen and get some behind the scenes information that isn’t in the books. Even better you get to continue to laugh along and learn with them about so many great places our country has available my family to vacation in the future! We look forward to many more episodes!

This podcast fills me with joy

Listening to Matt and Karen is such a pleasure. They’re so fun! So honest! And their dialogue together is both genuine and soothing. Listening to their podcast feels almost meditative. Also, I literally LOL’d at the moment in the Crater Lake lodge! I’m so happy this podcast exists.

Love the stories

I loved all three of the Dear Bob and Sue books. The podcasts let me relive their experiences again. I smile the whole time listening to the podcasts. Matt and Karen seem like old friends, I just haven’t met yet.

Their podcast makes you wish you with them

I read their books and now I'm listening to the podcasts and loving every minute!

Love the Podcast

Love the books and the podcast. Where else can you hear about the best view in the world which is from a toilet! I developed a love of the National Parks at an early age and when they started their books I became a big fan. I am a big fan of this couple.

Funny and informative

Every time you two added to your social media presence it has enhanced your original book. I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, EP 04 "is one of my favorite". Such great insights to the NP lodges. I haven't been able to stay in many but always make a plan to visit, have a beverage and check out the public spaces -they never fail to impress. Keep up the creative expansion.

Conversation with friends

After I read your first book I was hooked. Your bantering back and forth reminds me so much of the way my husband and I interact. You are both funny, fun loving and give great information about the national parks. I really love your podcast, hearing your voices makes it feel like I am listening to friends. Keep it up ❤️

The most entertaining husband/wife combo

While I feel I "discovered" Matt and Karen's Dear Bob and Sue books early on--once comparing Matt's musings on par with Bill Bryson--they never cease to amaze me with their wit, wisdom, advice, and most of all thoughtful insights to our most wonderful commodity--our National Parks and Recreation areas! We both share a love for all things "wild"--especially Glacier NP--and this new podcast series does nothing but uplift the listener and makes them laugh out loud!! You can feel the love and deep respect each has for the other and I am once again delighted to recommend their podcasts as I am their book series to so many of my friends and family!!! Great job!! Keep 'em coming!!

Compliments the books

This podcast is a great compliment to the books. I read the books a while ago so listening to the podcasts brings back the stories. Plus bringing their voices to the stories make the stories funnier.