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Great Podcast!!

I adore these stories.....Thank you for sharing about your adventures and how you love each other and love life! I love the mailbag time at the end. Thanks for helping us all celebrate the American treasures we all have.

Always so funny!

There were so many occasions when I laughed out loud! I can’t understand why anyone would hate you. I always enjoy your books, pictures, video and now your podcasts too! Thank you for sharing your stories with all us!

Great stuff!

Love your books and the podcasts are informative and hilarious.

Funny and Informative

I’m a national park lover and Matt and Karen’s podcast is both informative and fun to listen to. Each podcast provides me with insightful information ( park lodges, hiking trails, times to visit, poop bags lol ) that I can utilize to get more out of my national park visits.

Don’t miss out!

Reading Season 3 but this podcast allows for you to continue your journey with Matt and Karen and get some behind the scenes information that isn’t in the books. Even better you get to continue to laugh along and learn with them about so many great places our country has available my family to vacation in the future! We look forward to many more episodes!

This podcast fills me with joy

Listening to Matt and Karen is such a pleasure. They’re so fun! So honest! And their dialogue together is both genuine and soothing. Listening to their podcast feels almost meditative. Also, I literally LOL’d at the moment in the Crater Lake lodge! I’m so happy this podcast exists.

Love the stories

I loved all three of the Dear Bob and Sue books. The podcasts let me relive their experiences again. I smile the whole time listening to the podcasts. Matt and Karen seem like old friends, I just haven’t met yet.

Their podcast makes you wish you with them

I read their books and now I'm listening to the podcasts and loving every minute!

Love the Podcast

Love the books and the podcast. Where else can you hear about the best view in the world which is from a toilet! I developed a love of the National Parks at an early age and when they started their books I became a big fan. I am a big fan of this couple.

Funny and informative

Every time you two added to your social media presence it has enhanced your original book. I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, EP 04 "is one of my favorite". Such great insights to the NP lodges. I haven't been able to stay in many but always make a plan to visit, have a beverage and check out the public spaces -they never fail to impress. Keep up the creative expansion.

Conversation with friends

After I read your first book I was hooked. Your bantering back and forth reminds me so much of the way my husband and I interact. You are both funny, fun loving and give great information about the national parks. I really love your podcast, hearing your voices makes it feel like I am listening to friends. Keep it up ❤️

The most entertaining husband/wife combo

While I feel I "discovered" Matt and Karen's Dear Bob and Sue books early on--once comparing Matt's musings on par with Bill Bryson--they never cease to amaze me with their wit, wisdom, advice, and most of all thoughtful insights to our most wonderful commodity--our National Parks and Recreation areas! We both share a love for all things "wild"--especially Glacier NP--and this new podcast series does nothing but uplift the listener and makes them laugh out loud!! You can feel the love and deep respect each has for the other and I am once again delighted to recommend their podcasts as I am their book series to so many of my friends and family!!! Great job!! Keep 'em coming!!

Compliments the books

This podcast is a great compliment to the books. I read the books a while ago so listening to the podcasts brings back the stories. Plus bringing their voices to the stories make the stories funnier.

Surprise find!

I am loving your podcast after stumbling upon it and enthusiastically give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I enjoy the adventures (or misadventures) you share. But what I really like are your voices and your easy banter. Some podcast voices are so hard to hear I don’t listen more than a few minutes. Not so with you. Pleasant, funny, interesting and makes me want to visit every national park!

Podcast is a great companion to the books.

Matt and Karen, my husband and I love your books. We read them on our road trips. We are just finishing Season 2. We listened to all three of your podcast episodes on our way to Vegas today. We enjoyed hearing you tell your stories. It definitely brought them to life for us. Please keep them coming!

Great Storytelling!

I have been a Dear Bob & Sue fan from the first book! My husband and I love Matt & Karen’s sense of adventure and sense of humor! We have always loved the National Parks but had gotten away from road tripping since our kids grew up! The books and now this fun podcast have inspired us to hit the road! Thanks to Matt and Karen for entertaining us these past few weeks! Keep the episodes coming!

Podcast 3,

Great podcast. Love the details and your lighthearted banter. Keep them coming. Nice addition to your fabulous books. And please keep writing

Touch the Pelts!!

These two are hilarious - I read the first Bob and Sue book and follow in IG and really enjoyed their storytelling, wit and relationship. Lines that made me laugh: the people will Want to touch the pelts; Karen’s “diaper rash”; Strangers basements offering (I side with Matt on avoiding all offers though I have a dirty crawlspace if you are in Madison😂 Karen has a voice for radio and both are easy to listen to while you leant about NP’s and their experiences.

Great Podcast

Love the books and the podcast is a joy to hear. So professionally done, and you both have great voices. Thank you so much.

Love this podcast

My husband and I love the books and now the podcast. I am now looking forward to each one. So glad you are doing this.

Thank you

I love your books and now your podcast! As always you all inspire me to do more. I can’t wait to go out and get into nature.

Exactly what you hope it will be

Half of the genius behind Matt & Karen’s books is that they are so clearly REAL - so to have that chemistry, fun, and joking in a ‘live’ format is even better! The first two episodes have had me giggling at my desk and longing for summer so I can get out and have some adventures of my own. Can’t wait to hear what else they have in store!

Well, THAT was fun!

This is a great podcast! I love these two. Best thing about this podcast is that it’s legit. This is what it’s like to have a conversation with these two. (Just trust me) It brings voices to their books, so reading or re-reading them now will be especially enjoyable. In the car. During your workout. Instead of screen time. This podcast’s a winner.

Dear Bob and Sue podcast

My friend Amy and I tripped across this book series and have been audio-booking each of them and sharing our favorite parts. Desiring to get to the parks, their explanations of each one - regaled with their humorous learning and real-world encounters - make me feel like I could not only do that but be with them on their adventures as a traveling companion. I adore their writing format as emails to friends Bob and Sue and have shared with so many others their stories as a means to explore while stuck in offices, desks and house chorelands! I cannot wait to reread, re-listen and delight in hearing them tell firsthand of their adventures and learnings of the national and state parks, along with river journeys. Such joy and adventure ~ it’s been a welcome podcast to my collection and I cannot wait for all the other episodes and series to come. Onward!

Dear Bob and Sue

I really enjoyed this podcast! I am an outdoor enthusiast and love hearing of others travel stories and gaining ideas on where to go and the why and how of it all ♥️ thanks Karen and Matt for sharing!

Very enjoyable Podcast!

I’ve read all the books and laughed out loud through all of them. This Podcast is just as entertaining! My husband and I listen to it together. Matt & Karen reminds me of Me & my husband sometimes (minus the adventurous part) and live vicariously through their adventures. Look forward to each new one!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Love the Books and now I get to hear more stories- thank you Matt and Karen!

I always look forward to the next release of Matt and Karen’s books. They have a gift bringing the parks alive and they are a hilarious couple. I am looking forward to hearing their words of wisdom gained from their travel experiences through these podcasts. With each book, they have challenged themselves and they share it all. If you have not read their books, please do. I have kept my husband up at night laughing out loud.

A great next step!!

I love the books and have looked forward to the podcast. Can’t wait for more!


Just like their books the podcast was entertaining, funny and enjoyable. I loved all four of their books and look forward to more of their podcast!

Real people, real insight, real entertainment

•DEAR BOB AND SUE PODCAST• We discovered @mattandkarensmith and their book series #dearbobandsue some time ago. I was reading their first book on my Kindle as we traveled to a camping trip. I kept laughing, so @davestreetiscool asked me what I was reading. I started over and read it out loud to him and began a new tradition. We learned about the passport and stamps you could collect at the different national parks and with the purchase of our passport obtained a map that we used to track the adventures as we read about them. We began following them on social media and now they have a brand new podcast where you get to hear them tell their stories. The first one includes the home renovations they’ve done to make their own “visitor center” and the retelling of their mid-air collision, which according to them is one of the few mishaps that was not something they caused. They admit they undertook the park visiting challenge ill-equipped and share with humor their misadventures along with anecdotals of discovery and awe of some amazing visit-worthy landmarks. I’d strongly encourage you to check out the podcast, their website, their social media and definitely their books. They inspire you that as long as there is breath in your lungs, there is time for another adventure. Enjoy!! 5🌟 #getoutside #explore #adventures #breathinlungsthenadventure