Dear Bob and Sue: A National Parks Podcast

Thanks for the memories!

My wife and I are trying to help you get to 500 reviews. We have found ourselves reminiscing about many of your adventures in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and South Dakota. We consider ourselves a little of center because instead of visiting these states we just move there. We have done so many of the hikes and been to almost every destination you have been to from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border of the Rocky Mountains. We have lived many years in the Black Hills and will always cherish our time there.

We love and share your enthusiasm with our beautiful parks and wish, kind of, more people would see the beauty this country has to offer. Honestly I don’t want more people I just want it for those of us who truly are in awe of the magnificence.

We enjoy the podcast and the books and look forward to hearing and reading more in the future.

Nov. 8, 2020 by Thor6464 on Apple Podcasts

Dear Bob and Sue: A National Parks Podcast